10.03.08 Announcing the Naked Grace Broken Roads Tour

Starting October 7th, Nick Mancusi will be hitting the road with the nakedgracebrokenroadstour starting in Omaha, NE and running through to Denever, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tempe, San Diego, Los Angeles, Mesa, and Scottsdale. The tour is promoting Nick Mancusi's new album, 'Among The Oaks', available now on iTunes. Show dates and times can be found under the tour link on this page. We look forward to seeing you out there!

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01.21.08 Nick Mancusi joins the roster at Flipside Records

The Local record label based out of Scottsdale, Arizona has just welcomed Nick Mancusi to their roster at ReverbNation. Flipside Records is home to artists in the Phoenix area such as Big Mouth Mason and Justin Andrew, who Nick Mancusi will be playing with beginning in March. For more information about Flipside Records, you can find them at www.reverbnation.com

12.22.07 Nick Mancusi at Myspace Problems

Do to unexplained issues, which are being worked on at this moment, Nick Mancusi's Myspace account is temporarily unable to be updated with all the latest information regarding new, shows, music, etc. During this time we ask that fans check instead this site as well as Nick Mancusi's ReverbNation page until these issues become resolved. As well you can check out Nick Mancusi at Facebook and also see when new shows and songs are being added. As soon as these problems with myspace are fixed Nick will send you all an update, but until then, please be patient.

11.10.07 Welcome to Nick Mancusi Music

Welcome to Nick Mancusi Music! This new site is still underconstruction, so stay strong while the final touches are still being added. Here at this site you will so be able to watch video, download music and listen, catch news about Nick Mancusi, see upcoming shows, view pictures in the gallery, and much more.

02.25.08 New Songs for 2008

Recent writing sessions have gone real well as a new wave of fresh material has come to life. Nick Mancusi has begun writing new material, which focuses on war and politics, as well as life and love. A new demo can be found at ReverbNation exclusive for fans that captures Nick in a very rough apartment recording of 'The Only One'. The demo was released to fans last week to allow insight into the writing process and will be replaced by a hopeful newer version in the coming months. As for a studio album...Thoughts are underway on what could be an EP by early summer...keep posted as details develop!

04.28.08 New Songs Released

Two New Song Demos since March have been released by Nick Mancusi on this Website as well as ReverbNation, Facebook, LastFM, and MySpace ,Which we are proud to have back up and running. The new piano tune 'Through These Eyes', the latest of the two, and 'Red Hands', formally a concert song, have been released while making 'The Only One' no longer exclusive to fans. The songs are a continued stream of New Songs being written by Nick Mancusi throughout this spring. The songs are also featured under Flipside Records page at www.reverbnation.com To Check out more about Nick Mancusi go to any of the listed sites or check back when more updates are posted.

04.29.08 Introducing the Nick Mancusi Mobile Fan Club

No there is a better way to keep updated with the music of Nick Mancusi, The Nick Mancusi Mobile Fan Club. Just simply register under the Street Team link or at MySpace in the purple box and get Text messages and Audio messages from Nick Mancusi. Here you will be notified of New Song Releases, Show Dates, and Album Releases, Instantly. Keeping you one step ahead of the rest. So Join today, It is absolutely free to join and you can cancel at any time. See You out there!

08.20.08 Online Store Error (We Are Super Sorry)

If You bought a Nick Mancusi 'Among The Oaks' Album from www. nickmancusimusic. com or promofm. com, we regret to inform you that your payment was not received.

Our store experienced issues that until now we were unaware of. In the case of this error we ask that if you can, cancel your payment. If you cannot, please send an e-mail to nickmancusimusic@gmail.com listing the following:

-How Many copies were purchased
-How Much you payed
-Your Address

We will gladly send you what you requested. (please be honest, this mistake not only hurts you, but me as well.) I apologize for any and all inconvenience.

If you are able to cancel your payment, you can now reorder your copy of 'Among The Oaks' online. We have fixed the problem and promise you a prompt delivery.

Again my sincerest apology,

Nick Mancusi

05.17.08 New Music, New Shows, New Merchandise, New Site

As you have probably already noticed, nickmancusimusic.com has a new face. This past month hard work has been put into this new website with new photos and new logos and graphics reflecting the music of Nick Mancusi stronger than the old site. As well as new graphics and photos, new merchandise has been added!! Everything from T-Shirts to Hoodies to underwear is available in different graphics and materials. Just click the new merch link at the top of the page or by clicking here. Lastly, new shows and music have been added! In August Nick Mancusi will be playing a benefit concert to help raise money for the flood victims in Spring Green, WI. Also check out the new piano demo 'Rain' under music, as well as new shows that are being added regularly! Check it all out!

07.08.08 Nick Mancusi Joins with A&R Select

This past weekend Nick Mancusi joined with A&R Select out of Hollywood, California! A&R will be working with Nick Mancusi to put music on iTunes and other major online stores, Artist Imaging, Music Licensing, and help push on to the next level! This has become a very exciting time for Nick as this new step in his career will launch him even further than ever before. With music to be sold online (almost everywhere) Nick will be going into the studio to record some new material and clean up loose ends in current work. This EP will be available online and at shows within the coming months so keep posted and stay tuned. New Shows are coming about regularly as well as new songs and new merchandise!

07.20.08 Nick Mancusi IN THE STUDIO!

This past week Nick Mancusi went into DNA Studios in Madison, Wisconsin to begin recording a new demo album titled, 'Among The Oaks'. The album consists of eight songs, some new and some old, just Nick Mancusi solo on guitar and piano. The demo album will be available statring mid August, keep posted for details on where you can purchase your copy of 'Among The Oaks'! This album however is just one of two Nick Mancusi plans to release this year. Works are in progress for a full length album due out sometime this fall or early Winter before the new year. This album will be songs from the 'Among The Oaks' Album and many other new ones! There will even be songs with a wider range of instruments and alternative versions of songs off the 'Among The Oaks' album. We'll keep you posted as news develops!

08.07.08 Among The Oaks Out Today!!!!

The much anticipated release of Nick Mancusi's first studio album, 'Among The Oaks' EP, is available now across the country! The 8 song EP features songs written by Nick Mancusi playing guitar/piano/vocals showing the raw and personal side of Nick Mancusi's music. The Album will be available in stores across the country, starting with Newbury Comics in Boston, MA; Providence, RI; Portland, ME; Manchester, NH; and Salem, NH. Also Available at Northstar Music Center in Plaistow, NH. Later this week and into next week, 'Among The Oaks' will be available at Zia Records in the Phoenix, AZ area and Las Vegas, NV and other stores across the country from Milwaukee to L.A. As always, all Nick Mancusi Merchandise can be found right here at www.nickmancusimusic.com under the merch page and songs at $.099 a song on www.promofm.com/nickmancusi. So go on out and get your copy of 'Among The Oaks'! Thanks for your support!!!

08.21.08 Naked Grace and Broken Roads Tour

Nick Mancusi, with a new EP Album out ('Among The Oaks') is still touring across the country promoting the new Album and preparing for the next leg of the tour. As Mancusi finishes up in the midwest, his tour will bring him back West through Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and California. Dates, Location, and Times will be made available as soon as possible. So keep posted. While Nick Mancusi is in Wisconsin, he will be going into the studio as well, to do more recordings of new songs he's been writing as well as starting the recording of his full length album 'Among The Oaks' due out sometime in December. Lastly, note that the album 'Among The Oaks' will be available on iTunes, Rhapsody, and other online stores by October 3rd! We'll keep you posted!

09.07.08 Now On iTunes!

Nick Mancusi has now hit international online music stores including the largest in the world, iTunes. You can find Nick Mancusi currently at iTunes (US, CA, UK/EU, JPN); Rhapsody; E-Music; Amie Street. Coming soon will be Napster, Amazon.com, and many others. This is an exciting time for Mancusi as he is begining a tour in October and his music is now for sale across the country and on major online stores. We'll keep you posted when show dates and venues are flushed out. Until then check out Nick Mancusi on iTunes! Thanks for the support!

10.02.08 FM Radio Advertising

On October 4th - Oct. 12 Top 40's and AC FM radio stations will be playing the new Nick Mancusi FM Radio Advertisement. The ad will primarily be running in Wisconsin and Arizona because of the larger fan bases in those areas, yet the spot will still run in other states. So keep tuned to your favorite radio station during the morning commute and the ride home to here Nick Mancusi's iTunes advertisement. The advertisement is being presented by PromoFM and A&R Select. So listen up!